1116/4/8/09 Sports Direct International PLC v Competition Commission

Sports Direct International PLC v Competition Commission

Case number:

1116/4/8/09 Registered: 19/11/2009


Summary of application published 19 November 2009. A case management conference took place on 20 November 2009, when the Office of Fair Trading was given permission to intervene. On 24 November 2009, the Tribunal made an Order granting JJB permission to intervene.

A main hearing took place on 4 December 2009, at which the Tribunal gave a ruling on the issue of whether or not the application was premature. Following that ruling, the Competition Commission withdrew its decision. The Tribunal adjourned proceedings pending the Tribunal delivering its reasoned judgment and dealing with the issue of costs. The Tribunal’s reasoned judgment was handed down on 14 December 2009. On 21 December 2009 the Tribunal ordered the Commission to pay Sports Direct its reasonable costs to be assessed if not agreed; the matter having naturally come to an end the Tribunal made no further order.

This case has now been archived.

Diary events for this case:

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  • 20 Nov 2009 | 10am - Case Management Conference
  • 4 Dec 2009 | 10am - Hearing
  • 8 Dec 2009 | 10am - Hearing (reserve date)
  • 14 Dec 2009 | 12pm - Handing down