1174/4/1/11 Ryanair Holdings PLC v Office of Fair Trading

Ryanair Holdings PLC v Office of Fair Trading

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1174/4/1/11 Registered: 7/1/2011


Summary of application published on 10 January 2011. On the same date the President made an Order abridging the time period for making a request for permission to intervene. A hearing took place on 10 and 11 March 2011. Judgment was handed down on 28 July 2011. An application by Ryanair for permission to appeal was refused on 13 September 2011. By an order dated 7 November 2011, the Court of Appeal granted Ryanair permission to appeal.

The appeal was heard by the Court of Appeal on 24 November 2011, during which the Court of Appeal ordered that the application of the time-limit under sections 122 or 24 (or both) of the Enterprise Act 2002 to the OFT’s investigation be suspended until the determination of Ryanair’s appeal: see the Court of Appeal’s judgment on interim relief dated 21 December 2011.

On 22 May 2012, the Court of Appeal handed down its judgment dismissing the appeal by Ryanair Holdings plc against the judgment of the Tribunal.

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  • 10 Mar 2011 (time estimate of 1 day, with a day in reserve) | 10.30am - Hearing
  • 28 July 2011 | 10.30am - Handing down: Judgment