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Case numberCase nameRegistered
1199/5/7/12Capital Meters Limited v National Grid plc24/7/2012
1113/3/3/09Cable & Wireless UK & Others v Office of Communications (Carrier Pre-Selection Charges)4/9/2009
1112/3/3/09Cable & Wireless UK v Office of Communications (Leased Lines Charge Control) 2/9/2009
1092/3/3/07Cable & Wireless and others v Office of Communications (Termination Rate Disputes)7/9/2007
1278/5/7/17British Telecommunications Plc and Others v MasterCard Inc. and Others12/9/2017
1187/3/3/11British Telecommunications Plc (Wholesale Broadband Access Charge Control) v Office of Communications19/9/2011
1171/3/3/10British Telecommunications Plc (Termination charges: 080 calls, NCCN 1007) v Office of Communications11/11/2010
1151/3/3/10British Telecommunications Plc (Termination Charges: 080 calls) v Office of Communications6/4/2010
1085/3/3/07British Telecommunications Plc v Office of Communications (Mobile Call Termination)29/5/2007
1246/8/3/16British Telecommunications Plc v Office of Communications (WMO)20/1/2016
1018/3/3/03British Telecommunications Plc v Director General of Telecommunications21/8/2003
1267/3/12/16British Telecommunications Plc v Competition and Markets Authority (VULA CMA Costs)8/9/2016
1180/3/3/11British Telecommunications Plc v Office of Communications (Mobile Call Termination)16/5/2011
1025/3/3/04British Telecommunications Plc v Office of Communications (CPS save activity)7/1/2004
1245/3/3/16British Telecommunications Plc v Office of Communications (BT's APCCs)15/1/2016