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Case numberCase nameRegistered
1105/5/7/08(1) Freightliner Limited (2) Freightliner Heavy Haul Limited v English Welsh & Scottish Railway Limited26/8/2008
1104/6/8/08Tesco Plc v Competition Commission2/7/2008
1103/3/3/08Telefonica O2 UK Limited v Office of Communications3/6/2008
1102/3/3/08T-Mobile (UK) Limited v Office of Communications (Sequencing Decision)16/5/2008
1101/5/7/08(1) Grampian Country Food Group Ltd (2) Grampian County Feeds Limited (3) Marshall Food Group Limited (4) Cymru Country Chickens Limited (5) Favor Parker Limited v (1) Sanofi-Aventis SA (2) Rhodia Limited (3) F. Hoffman-La Roche AG (4) Roche Products Limited (5) BASF SE (6) BASF PLC (7) Frank Wright Limited14/5/2008
1100/3/3/08The Number (UK) Limited and Conduit Enterprises Limited v Office of Communications7/5/2008
1099/1/2/08National Grid PLC v The Gas and Electricity Markets Authority21/4/2008
1098/5/7/08(1) BCL Old Co Limited (2) DFL Oldco Limited (3) PFF Old Co Limited (4) Deans Foods Limited v (1) BASF SE (2) BASF plc (3) Frank Wright Limited13/3/2008
1097/1/2/08 (IR)National Grid PLC v The Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (Interim Relief)5/3/2008
1096/4/8/08Virgin Media, Inc v (1) Competition Commission (2) Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform25/2/2008
1095/4/8/08British Sky Broadcasting Group plc v (1) Competition Commission (2) The Secretary of State22/2/2008
1094/3/3/08Vodafone Limited v Office of Communications29/1/2008
1093/3/3/07T-Mobile (UK) Limited v Office of Communications (Donor Conveyance Charge)17/10/2007
1092/3/3/07Cable & Wireless and others v Office of Communications (Termination Rate Disputes)7/9/2007
1091/3/3/07Hutchison 3G (UK) Limited v Office of Communications (Termination Rate Disputes)7/9/2007