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Case numberCase nameRegistered
1057/3/3/05The Number (UK) Limited v Office of Communications30/11/2005
1054/1/1/05; 1055/1/1/05; 1056/1/1/05MasterCard UK Members Forum Limited; MasterCard International Incorporated and MasterCard Europe Sprl; and Royal Bank of Scotland Group v Office of Fair Trading2/11/2005
1053/3/3/05Media Marketing Promotions v Office of Communications25/10/2005
1052/6/1/05The Association of Convenience Stores v Office of Fair Trading3/10/2005
1051/4/8/05Somerfield PLC v Competition Commission29/9/2005
1050/2/4/05Aqua Resources Limited v Director General of Water Services14/4/2005
1049/4/1/05Unichem Limited v Office of Fair Trading19/1/2005
1048/1/1/05Double Quick Supplyline Limited v Office of Fair Trading10/1/2005
1047/3/3/04Hutchison 3G (UK) Limited v Office of Communications 29/7/2004
1046/2/4/04Albion Water Limited & Albion Water Group Limited v Water Services Regulation Authority (Dŵr Cymru/Shotton Paper)23/7/2004
1045/2/4/04Aquavitae (UK) Limited v Water Services Regulation Authority (formerly Director General of Water Services)21/7/2004
1044/2/1/04ME Burgess JJBurgess and SJ Burgess (trading as JJ Burgess & Sons) v Office of Fair Trading16/7/2004
1041/2/1/04The British Horseracing Board v Office of Fair Trading13/7/2004
1042/2/4/04Albion Water Limited v Water Services Regulation Authority (formerly the Director General of Water Services) (Thames Water/Bath House)12/7/2004
1040/3/3/04British Telecommunications Plc v Office of Communications (WLR Save Activity) 9/7/2004