Judgment (Remedy)

Neutral citation:

[2005] CAT 32


29 Sep 2005



Judgment as to the remedy to be imposed following the judgment of the Tribunal on Genzyme’s appeal against a decision of the OFT that Genzyme had infringed the Chapter II prohibition of the Competition Act 1998 Act (the “Substantive Judgment”: see [2004] CAT 4). Following the Substantive Judgment the Tribunal adjourned the proceedings to enable negotiations to take place concerning the appropriate remedy. However, as it did not prove possible to resolve the outstanding issues in the case the Tribunal gave judgment setting the appropriate remedy. The Tribunal subsequently exercised its power under paragraph 3(2) of Schedule 8 to the 1998 Act to issue a direction to Genzyme.

This is an unofficial summary prepared by the Registry of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.