Ruling ((1) Costs and (2) Disposal of FAPL's appeal)

Neutral citation:

[2013] CAT 9


9 May 2013



Ruling of the Tribunal in relation to (1) costs applications by each of Sky and FAPL; (2) the disposal of FAPL’s appeal in light of the Tribunal’s Pay TV judgment ([2012] CAT 20).

For the reasons set out in the ruling, the Tribunal made an award in Sky’s favour in respect of its costs relating to ground 2 of its main appeal (case 1158/8/3/10), such costs to be subject to detailed assessment if not agreed. Sky was also awarded its costs of the STB and CAM appeals (cases 1170/8/3/10 and 1179/8/3/10), although no order was made in respect of the costs of Sky’s application for interim relief (case 1152/8/3/10 (IR)).

As regards FAPL’s appeal (case 1157/8/3/10), the Tribunal concluded that FAPL’s appeal should be dismissed in light of the Pay TV judgment and that there should be no order in respect of the costs thereof.

This is an unofficial summary prepared by the Registry of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.