Ruling (Costs and use of disclosed documents)

Neutral citation:

[2014] CAT 13


30 Jul 2014



Ruling of the Tribunal addressing costs and the use of disclosed documents.

The Tribunal ordered that IRi bear the costs of both Nielsen and the CMA arising directly in relation to Nielsen’s fifth ground of challenge. In relation to other costs in these proceedings, the Tribunal made no order as to costs.

Following an application from IRi, the Tribunal also ordered that all documents disclosed as between Nielsen, the CMA or IRi for the purposes of this application for review be treated in accordance with Civil Procedure Rule 31.22. Further, the Tribunal clarified that the reference to “proceedings” for the purposes of the applicable confidentiality ring and this Ruling meant the proceedings in Case No. 1227/4/12/14 and do not include any subsequent review of the completed acquisition by IRi of Aztec Group by the CMA.

This is an unofficial summary prepared by the Registry of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.