Supplementary Judgment (Consequential Directions, Costs and Permission to Appeal)

Neutral citation:

[2014] CAT 20


4 Dec 2014



Ruling of the Tribunal addressing: the directions to be made to give effect the Tribunal’s main judgment in these proceedings; costs; and permission to appeal:

• The Tribunal has remitted to Ofcom the issue of the interest rate payable on BT’s overcharge, whether interest is payable on BT’s overpayment in respect of excess construction costs and the total amount payable as between BT and the disputing communications providers.

• Ofcom, Sky/TalkTalk and the Altnets were all partially successful in their applications for costs.

• The Tribunal refused BT’s application for permission to appeal the Amendment Ruling and both BT and TalkTalk’s applications for permission to appeal the main judgment.

This is an unofficial summary prepared by the Registry of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.