Ruling (Quashing decision and case management directions)

Neutral citation:

[2014] CAT 23


23 Dec 2014



Ruling of the Tribunal following a directions hearing on 15 December 2014, at which the Tribunal decided to quash and remit the insured AEC decision and the divestment decision. For the reasons set out in the Ruling, the Tribunal:

(i) dismissed HCA’s application for the remitted decisions to be determined by a differently constituted Inquiry Group and case team;

(ii) stayed HCA’s remaining grounds of review so far as they relate to the self pay AEC decision, and AXA’s first and second grounds of review; and

(iii) ordered the CMA to pay HCA’s costs incurred in relation to Ground 1, excluding the costs of the data room exercise which were refused.

This is an unofficial summary prepared by the Registry of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.