1170/8/3/10 British Sky Broadcasting Limited v Office of Communications (Linear-only Set Top Boxes)

British Sky Broadcasting Limited v Office of Communications (Linear-only Set Top Boxes)

Case number:

1170/8/3/10 Registered: 11/10/2010


Summary of appeal published 18 October 2010. On 23 November 2010 the President made an Order establishing a timetable for the future conduct of the appeal. On 25 March 2011, the Tribunal ordered that Cases No. 1170/8/3/10 (“the STB appeal”) and 1179/8/3/11 (“the CAM appeal”) be heard together with Cases No. 1156-1159/3/3/10 (“the Pay TV appeals”) to the extent described in the Tribunal’s Order.

In November and December 2011, the Tribunal received written submissions from the parties.

At a hearing on 8 August 2012, the Tribunal announced its judgment in connection with the Pay TV appeals. A non-confidential version of the Tribunal’s judgment was published on 26 October 2012.

A hearing to consider certain matters consequential to the Tribunal’s judgment in the Pay TV appeals took place on 6 February 2013.

The Tribunal's ruling in relation to certain consequential matters was handed down on 27 February 2013. A further ruling, in relation to costs applications by Sky and FAPL, and the disposal of FAPL’s appeal, was handed down on 9 May 2013 ([2013] CAT 9). On 25 June 2013, the Tribunal made a ruling ([2013] CAT 14) on an application by Ofcom for permission to appeal the Tribunal’s costs order in these proceedings.

On 7 August 2013, the President made an Order suspending the effect of paragraph 3 of the President’s Order dated 17 May 2013.

On 16 September 2013 the Court of Appeal made an Order granting Ofcom permission to appeal the Tribunal’s ruling on costs ([2013] CAT 9)

This case has now been archived.

Diary events for this case:

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  • 23 Mar 2011 | 2pm - Pre-hearing review
  • 27 May 2011 | 4pm - Case management conference
  • 9 May 2011 (time estimate of 9 weeks) | 10.30am - Hearing
  • 6 Feb 2013 | 10.30am - Hearing
  • 27 Feb 2013 | 1.55pm - Handing down - Ruling (Consequential matters)
  • 9 May 2013 | 3pm - Handing down - Ruling ((1) Costs and (2) Disposal of FAPL's appeal)