Ruling on Disclosure

Neutral citation:

[2011] CAT 2


21 Feb 2011



Ruling of the Tribunal on an application to order the OFT to disclose a schedule itemising all documents placed on the case file after 24 April 2008 that have not already been disclosed, describing each document and explaining the reasons for non-disclosure.

The Tribunal dismissed the application and held that a requirement that the OFT produce a schedule of the many hundreds of documents that it has withheld would be disproportionate and unnecessary. The Tribunal upheld the OFT’s approach to the categories of document that should be treated as falling outside the Order of 15 November 2010 relating to the disclosure of non-confidential versions of documents placed on its file after 24 April 2008.

This is an unofficial summary prepared by the Registry of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.